Thursday, April 19, 2018

Finding Gold & Coins in Dana Point

You Treasure Awaits You!

The ancient Egyptians were the first to smelt gold around 3600 B.C. A thousand years later, gold jewelry emerged as the goldsmiths of ancient Mesopotamia crafted a burial headdress made of lapis, carnelian beads and leaf-shaped gold pendants. Since these early days, mankind has been captivated by gold, and the desire to own it has led to great gold rushes and wars.

According to Investopedia, major players in worldwide gold mining include China, South Africa, the United States, Australia, the Russian Federation and Peru. The world's gold production affects the price of gold, another example of supply and demand. Gold mine production increased by about three percent in 2010 to about 2,652 tonnes, according to GFMS as several new large-scale mines began operations.

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