Friday, January 13, 2017

Best Jewelry Repair in Dana Point Fine Jewelry

The Latest Trend In Jewelry Dana Point

From the business specialties and Custom made Jewelry in Dana Point, we offer watch and jewelry Services History Established in 1991. Harbor Jeweler has a long line of history with jewelry and awards within the field. Experts at hand crafts, and years of experience to refine the knowledge and trade of jewelry. More then just a store for these two craftsmen but a heritage passed down from a family with a history five generations old. Here at Harbor Jewelers we have two Craftsmen that are well attuned with the knowledge of jewelry and Watches.Our services range from Repairs, Minor issues, to Custom-Makes, appraisals and even to personal requests. Meet the Employee owned and managed with 25 Years of experience within the trade and crafts of jewelry.

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