Thursday, July 19, 2018

Gems N' Loans Dana Point Gold Market News

Can Climate Change Impact Gold
According to the World Gold Council, the total volume of carbon emissions for global gold production is significantly smaller than most other major mined products, including steel, aluminum and coal. Significantly, on a value basis, gold is among the lowest GHG emissions per dollar of the main mined products. Therefore, the volume of GHG emissions associated with a dollar spent on gold is lower than for a dollar spent on most other mined products. In addition, gold’s emission levels in relation to overall contribution to global GDP suggest that its carbon footprint per United States dollars, is similar to that of the global economy.

So in other words, gold’s growing role as a strategic investment asset, and need for greater awareness of its climate-related impacts is a priority issue for many investors these days.

Gold found locally in Dana Point, can play a positive role in enhancing the sustainability profile of any investor, as well as reducing carbon emissions of investment portfolios over time. At Gems N' Loans incorporating gold alongside equities may reduce the overall carbon footprint of an investor’s portfolio over the medium to long-term.