Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best Jewelry Stores in Dana Point

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on jeweler


Red is the color of love, passion, anger, success, lipstick, fast cars, and roses. Find out why people have treasured this stunning gem for thousands of years. Dana point Jewelers are ready to answer these questions.

All diamonds have certain identifying characteristics, or inclusions. These are like a diamond’s fingerprints. As such, they distinguish it from any other diamond in the world, because no two diamonds are alike. They also help make your diamond more affordable, because a diamond with few identifying characteristics is rare, and thus more expensive. Of course, an expensive stone means she’ll love you more, and you’ll hate Steven more…pretty much your typical win-win.

This website is a helpful, free resource for jewelry makers of all abilities and experience. On the site, you can find product reviews and easy tutorials. You can also sign up for free e-courses that come to you in a series of e-mails on more complicated techniques like using metal clay to create custom jewelry components.

But let’s weigh it all against the context of the three other C’s. A one-carat diamond with no visible inclusions, with shiny white color and flawlessly cut is going to look just as amazing as any two-carat rock. The choice is yours, love it or hate it.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gems N' Loans Dana Point Near San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano Gold

3 Reasons Why Gold Will Shine In the New Year


Welcome to the December edition of the Gems N' Loans Bullion & Coin update. Here you will find monthly news about the gold & silver markets, investing insights, notable posts from our blog, and more. As knowledgeable precious metals dealers, we are happy to share news and information with our valued readers and clients. As always, we are available to answer questions or help you make investment choices.

Gems N' Loans Dana Point is a great place to get cash for gold, silver, and diamond jewelry.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Dana Point Gold Rush at Gems N' Loans

Shiny Nuggets of Gold Before Your Eyes


The revelation of gold pieces in the Sacramento Valley in mid 1848 started the Gold Rush, seemingly a standout amongst the most critical occasions to shape American history amid the main portion of the nineteenth century. As news spread of the revelation, a huge number of forthcoming gold mineworkers went via ocean or over area to San Francisco and the encompassing region; before the end of 1849, the non-local populace of the California domain was approximately 100,000 (contrasted and the pre-1848 figure of under 1,000). A sum of $2 billion worth of valuable metal was extricated from the range amid the Gold Rush, which crested in 1852.

We will buy any amount of gold or Jewelry. We will also buy diamonds in any size, watches in any condition, coins in any grade from good to mint, whether circulated or uncirculated, paper currency in any condition, broken jewelry, and more. We have a large variety of affordable silver jewelry!Pawn shopping is fun! Bring your family your loved ones and explore the vast inventory that a pawnshop offers. We have something for everyone. Our jewelry and engagements rings are priced affordably. Fill up your shopping bag with great bargains at Gems N 'Loans. We service Dana Point, San Clemente, Capistrano, and Orange County!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Dana Point Orange County's Gold and Silver Boom!

Gems N 'Loans of Dana Point Silver Collection Starting at $19.99

Find the coolest men's jewelry at Gems N' Loans Dana Point. We sell online the most unique selection of celebrity style mens necklaces, bracelets, and rings including biker, motorcycle, rocker, red carpet, and night club styles for men. Our VIP collection includes men's necklaces and pendants, men's rings, leather, bead, and silver mens bracelets, skull jewelry, silver chains, and dog tags. 

Choose from a variety of materials, including sterling silver, stainless steel, leather, and cobalt. You'll even find men's cufflinks, keychains, beaded rosaries, Celtic jewelry, and sunglasses. For divers, military, surfers, emergency responders, and other active men, we carry superior sports watches for men from Reactor Watches. The 316L stainless.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dana Point Gold, Silver, Coin, and Bullion in Orange County

How to tell if GOLD is REAL?


Gems N' Loans is the OC gold and coin place to buy and sell. Here is why you should buy gold and trade:

1. Gold coins and bars are wealth in its most real form. Every society on Earth values it. Gold offers a balance that can help achieve stability and better overall investment returns in these times of market volatility, geopolitical unrest and financial uncertainty. 

2. You can protect your savings against the currency devaluations.

3. You can protect your purchasing power as inflation is steadily rising.

4. You can protect yourself should a severe banking crisis occur, should one of the big banks collapse.

5. You can protect your portfolio and wealth if an economic crisis in China, the US or Europe occurs.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Orange County Gold Dealer Gems N' Loans Trivia

Gems N' Loans of Dana Point is a trusted cash buyer and seller of gold!


The California Gold Rush started when gold was found in 1848 on the property of John Sutter. 

Sutter arrived in California in 1839 (California was then owned by Mexico), and he initially called his 48,827-acre land grant New Helvetia (Latin for New Switzerland). He later built Sutter's Fort on a part of New Helvetia (he also had a penchant for wearing military uniforms). After the discovery of gold, he swore his workmen to secrecy to prevent being overrun by gold prospectors, but it was hard to contain that kind of news. The secrecy lasted about a week!

Historical note:
Thousands of prospectors did get rich in the California Gold Rush, but John Sutter wasn't one of them. After the news got out, his property was indeed overrun by prospectors, just as he had feared. He had to abandon his land, and then began a decades-long campaign to have the US government reimburse him for his financial losses. He was unsuccessful in that and died in Washington D.C. a man of modest means. (He is buried in Lititz, Pennsylvania, his last home). Kind of ironic end for a man who owned the land where gold was discovered!  

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July from Gems N' Loans Gold!

Exchange Gold and Coin Dana Point



At Gems N' Loans Dana Point, Gold and Coin exchange is a trusted. For gold and silver we areserving South Orange County. We purchase, offer, and exchange scrap gold, adornments, free and in-setting jewels, coins, paper money, watches, flatware, and then some. All installments depend on spot cost and made on the spot, in real money. As a second-era gold purchaser, we've manufactured long-standing associations with a considerable lot of our clients. You can depend on our experience, aptitude, and legitimate managing; we generally pay reasonable, exact costs for gold and silver, and we're a regarded individual from the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Dana Point Gold & Coins Found At Gems N' Loans to Buy

Why Buying Gold is a Good Idea?

A great many people purchase gold as a response to the vulnerability around them. Gold is an equivalent word for riches and cash despite the fact that in the cutting edge world it is not one or the other.

In an economy where an as of late established seller of talk programming WhatsApp can be worth to Facebook around 14% of the yearly gold creation, gold for pragmatic purposes has departed its focal spot in the worldwide economy. Cash, of which gold was the principal emphasis, is progressively turning out to be more dynamic and there is sufficiently not of it around to support the liquidity needs of worldwide cash.

Nonetheless, the way that gold is no more cash, or so far as that is concerned a steady store of quality, does not mean you shouldn't hope to claim it. 

Price: Gold is priced near its average cost of product and below its margin cost of production for a significant proportions of its supply. Fundamentals for gold are in themselves a good reason to acquire. Never fail to buy an asset below its replacement value. Its rule 1 of investing. Gold is now around the cost of incremental production. 

Diversification: To be diversified, an investor should have at least a couple of percent of their portfolio in gold. I dread to say 5%, because that it far more gold than many people would dream of having. In general, people are poorly diversified and often when they look back at the moments when they have lost more money than they care to remember it is because they held undiversified positions in instruments that went sour. Diversification is the only way to secure wealth and gold is a good ingredient for that. 

Value: If you are a contrarian investor or a value investor, you will note from your stock filters that mining companies are almost exclusively the stocks that pop up when you look for deep value in the market. Stocks in general have had such a good run over the last years that it is starting to get hard to find value. 

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Why Stock Up On Gold Bullion at Gems N' Loans

 Gold Dealer Dana Point Answers Question

There are diverse advantages of owning gold bars. To begin with, it's anything but difficult to exchange. You'll generally discover gold bars to purchase, additionally to offer. Some extraordinary coins for instance are not generally simple to offer. Second, the premiums you pay on gold bars are by and large lower than on gold coins. So when all is said in done you are paying just about the same cost for a gold bar as the spot cost of gold expanded with a low premium. Third, gold bars are a type of physical gold, which means you don't convey any counterparty hazard. Whatever happens with the economy, securities exchange, or obligation emergency, your gold won't be influenced; it will remain yours.


Throughout history gold has played a significant role in human affairs. Don't miss out on our Diamond Stud Earring BlOWOUT SALE!

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